Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What I have learned about Culture

What I have learned about culture....
Culture is fluid. Culture is people's belief is what value is, what is true and what is real. Culture is constantly influenced through communication, individuals communicating change to others, the adoption of this change by others in a manner that changes their values and beliefs. These new changes are ultimately looked at as "rebellion" until it then largely adopted by the masses. Mass media plays a non-minor role in contributing to the changes in culture. Changes in communication, in mass media can bring about a huge change in culture. Today's example: Twitter in Egypt; Yesterday's example: written word and the Roman Empire.

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  1. Interesting thoughts, Chi. I was thinking similarly while reading "Storytellers as Tutors...". This is especially true about the people who tend to be outer-directed -- rely on the direction of the ideas in mass media. And how appropriate that the most outer-directed crowd seems to be the youth of today. I watch my 10 year old cousin post on Facebook daily about very adult things -- bigotry, sex, the economy, etc. I'm fairly certain she copies these statuses from her friends who copy them from someone else, but talk about "trying on" an adult behavior. I wonder if she spends time reflecting on the things she is posting or if it is more of a mindless behavior common amongst the youth of today? In any case I can see the worries and wonders of Riesman et al regarding print reflected today in our youth's use of social media. I wonder how these behaviors might change the culture in another 15 years when these kids become active members of society.