Monday, February 27, 2012

From an Audience to a Director

I totally agree the idea that the arise of network media is the birth of e-democracy. Citizen journalism is craving a space in mediascape. How technologies like Web 2.0 and Internet could change our mass media to what extend is still remind to be discussed.

Is there any way to integrate different media with our own control and contribution?  One interesting case is The 84th Academy Awards last Sunday Night App. I could image how people watched the first Oscar show on a black and white TV or through radio, but this time we can view it from iPhone.

The Oscar app is not only just an on-line video app that allows you to watch a live stream, but an app that allows you to be the director at the backstage. People who downloaded the app already have access to original video from last year’s show, photos and Twitter integration in its new magazine-style format. Additionally, all video views are tracked through iCloud, so viewers can stay synched across multiple iOS devices.

There are four special camera views that is available to users. they car watch all of the cameras on a grid at all, or watch through a specific camera, such as the backstage, the speech camera, or the photography shooting camera. Also, this app is highly associated with twitter, you can watch the show at the same time play some games through twitter.

This app provides a fun interaction to the audience, and also let the audience contribute to it's own Oscar show (they call it "Oscar My Picks"). This is the first trial of putting  a format of media which usually belong to TV to a smart phone platform. So can we still call mass media as "the end of conversation"(Ferrarotti, 1988)? I'd rather call it "the start of new conversation by mass contributions", at least a TV show that directed by the audience themselves.

I think it is just a beginning of how we can integrate different media together, on a new platform. And I am also looking forward more interaction on this platform.

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