Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The never ending Facebook alterations.

I related to Lanier's article on gadgets, but I thought about it beyond just avatars. What I've noticed recently is that when facebook changes something people tend to get upset or complain. It alters the way they present themselves on their status updates, as well as generates uncertainty with the site. What I find most interesting is the recent update with facebook timeline. Users have deleted their facebook pages and created new ones in fear that people may judge them based on past status updates. One of my friends mentioned how he is not the same person he was two years ago and did not want people seeing him at his low points.

This video I believe helps emphasize this point. We have become so embedded with facebook, that it is becoming a part of our everyday lives, and the changes influence users.


  1. This reminds me of some previous reading. In particular the tethered-self article. In that essay, a point was made about the "ambivalence" that individuals had with their technological devices. They would complain about them while also having a relationship of dependency to them. Our conveniences tend to produce this byproduct. I'm reminded of a bit of comedy from Louis CK about airline travel. It was specifically about delays as ironical. In the distant past, it would take months to years to cross the country. We can do it today in a matter of hours. Delayed? Really? Point: our conviences and technology and social accoutrements seem to produce an assumed perfectability quality, as if we shouldn't expect 'inconveniences.' With regard to the not wanting others to see 'the past,' I understand. I would question the ethics and legal ramifications of holding job candidates to 'private' (but ironically made social) aspects of their lives. It's unlawful (though I realize, natural and likely to continue) to hire or fire based upon such social reconniassance (outside of contractual consent). Interesting.

  2. Alexis,
    This is a very fascinating look at a brand new world for me. Thank you for the enlightenment.