Monday, April 9, 2012

Google Goggles

After reading "The Juggler's Brain" by Nicholas Carr, I saw this post at ( about what Google Goggles would really be like. Here are two great videos about what real life might be like with "Google Goggles." I especially enjoyed the second one, which seems to fall inline with our more "dormant pre-frontal cortex" (p. 121).


You can check out the NYT article on Google's "Project Glass" here.  Because those are some sexy glasses. (Don't worry, they also come in contacts!)


  1. I read about this before but it is kind of wired if my "glass" functioned like this!

  2. Thank you for sharing these cool videos. Google Goggles seems to be a really cool technology, but is that means we are depending more heavily on new technologies? If everyone wearing a Google Goggle, we are kind of becoming cyborgs. I’m afraid the Google Goggle will make our brains think unconsciously. If we have this product, we never need to remember the way back home. We can simply just follow the instructions by Google Goggles without thinking and brain processing which will make us more like a cyborg. We are using our smart brains to make some high technologies that take place of our brains activities which I think is not appropriate for our brain development. I was also afraid of people pay too much attention on the screen of Google Goggles and miss lots of useful information around them.