Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Google Cultural Institute

FYI: I just came across this tonight.

I find it fascinating how culture is now being saved and stored online. It has moved from the typical oral and behavioral form to writing that is stored and communicated digitally. What's next?


  1. Take a look at, Chi. This site claims it can predict what you like by having you answer a few "THAY" (Teach Hunch About You) questions. Technically it's an answer to all the filters we now see in our media consumption. The site claims that once they gather enough information they will be able to put some serendipity back into life... However, I wonder just how serendipitous a discovery made because of a computer algorithms suggestion is... Can we really move from "digital memories" to "digital decisions"...or better yet "digital discoveries of self"?

  2. Actually, stuff like this has been around for awhile. Although, on analog tape instead of digital. Everything from historical oral storytelling to bird sounds and silence. One example is one man's collection of sounds including the sound of glaciers moving, jaguars growling, beavers crying, wolves, vultures, orcas and even snow.

    I think these libraries are critical as we become more connected to devices and unconnected from the natural world in which we live. Some generations will never hear these sounds because the ecosystems will be gone, the animals extinct and it will be very difficult for many people to get to a place where they will be able to experience "silence" outdoors.