Monday, March 5, 2012

Focus Matters.

“You cannot always be happy, but you can almost always be focused, which is the next best thing.” 
                                                                                                                          -- Gallagher, Winifired

The article “choosing the focused life” reminds me of the topic I had last semester in Interpersonal Communication class. Talking about divorced family and its influence, there are significant differences among different people when they deal with divorce-related issue. This article makes me think that for those people with negative attitude towards divorce and feel depressed about it, changing their focus might be a good way.

In China, majority of people feel shamed about telling people their family divorce. People in the divorced family sometimes will be judged unfairly, which negatively affect the children’s life.  I think in western countries, such kind of issue also exists. After reading this article, I am thinking, although divorce sometimes is not the perfect solution of the marriage or family, society at least do not have to focus on judging those people too much. Once people do not focus on such disappointing issue so much, the influence it caused will be reduced correspondingly.

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