Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It pains me to see that society is most interested in this today. I saw it as one of the most viewed articles and had to contain myself from being sick to stomach. She was arrested and released early this morning. Which means she wasn't even in her own home before society knew that she was drunk in public. Imagine if this is how parents found out about how we spend our college days or when we(if any of you have) broke the law. Granted my parents or family don't follow my every move on TMZ. There should be a 24 hour clause on when TMZ, Entertainment Tonight and so forth can post information like this. Sad thing about this, I really don't even like Christina just disappointed that it made the top stories of the day.

Christina Aguilera arrested for drunkenness
Singer Christina Aguilera and her boyfriend have been arrested on suspicion of being drunk in a car that was stopped on a West Hollywood street.


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