Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sample entry for group projects

As promised, a sample for the group project:

1. Charles Cooley, "The Process of Social Change"

“[T]his enlargement of [communicative] intercourse has affected the processes of social change…within the past fifty years there have been developed new means of communication—fast mails, telegraphs, telephones, photography, and the marvels of the daily newspaper—all tending to hasten and diversify the flow of thought and feeling to multiply the possibilities of social relation” (24).

  • The history of communication is the foundation of all history (21).
  •  Speech has limitations; lacks range in time and place (22)
  • Writing enables cooperation, social enlargement, and specialization (22);  Printing makes communication yet more democratic (22)
  •  Individuality and association are mutually enforcing (24), thus communication is the way that people become people, like the seed becomes a tree
This is just one model; you could very well have more explanation in each bullet point. The real purpose of this exercise is to give people a reference that they can look back on when writing their final papers, so try to make it as useful as possible.

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