Saturday, January 21, 2012

Will media effects last long in Chinese society ?

“The general opinion of large numbers of persons are almost certain to be a vague and confusing medley, action cannot be taken until these opinions have been factored down, canalized, compressed and made uniform.”

Chinese people are more conscious about the life they are living for today than before. On various media, you can find complaints and critics of food safety, environmental problems, ridiculously high price of real state and overwhelming survival costs, etc. That’s not only because these problems are far more rampant now, but also because Chinese people find out what kind of life people in other countries have from Internet or other media.  As more people start using microblog – Chinese version of Tweeter – this kind of voice can be heard clearer and louder. Especially the famous people or celebrities play an indisputable act in this social interaction process. Once one of them posts a short blog on its microblog, his/her thousands, even millions of followers will transfer and repost it again. Then this voice can be extracted or copied by newspapers, and other social media, which will almost reach every single Chinese audience at the time. This time, Chinese government has to take action with it. Of course, sometimes government can still cover something.

But the problem here is these topics and social problems can only attract people’s attention for a short time and soon they will be something else replaced and forgotten by people. So how would media contribute to the long-term improvement of society and people’s life instead of only being a tool of searching and distributing information?

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