Monday, February 14, 2011

"water cooler conversation" blur the insider outsider lines?

I was particularly interested in the first reading we were assigned this week, "Storytellers as Tutors in Technique" by David Riesman, with Ruel Denney and Nathan Glazer. While doing some research for a presentation in another class I came across this video about a pop culture writer discussing why he loves his career. He states that it's somewhat "water cooler conversation" and its subject matter is something everyone can come together and agree on. This got me thinking about this reading and whether or not there truly is something that people can agree upon when it comes to communication and media. The passage that stuck out to me from the reading is found on page 294. "For the insiders language becomes a chief key to the taste socializations and mood currents that are prevalent in this group at any moment. For the outsiders, including adult observers, language becomes a mysterious opacity, constantly carrying peer-group messages which are full of precisions that remain untranslatable." So, is there some common ground where insiders and outsiders, children and adults can come together, agree, and understand each other's language and messages?

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