Saturday, April 6, 2013

Social Connection Theories for Phatic Culture

In the William Davidow reading, he asserts that "our environment is composed of the things we are connected to, so if dramatic increases in the levels of connectivity abruptly change the things we are connected to, then our institutions undergo rapid environmental change." Vincent Miller points out, "A fundamental aspect of network sociality is its dependency on technological objects to spread networks and to maintain social contacts."

This reminds me of a set of theories used to analyze changes and adoption in media that I learned about in my Mass Communication Theory class about how the use of these technologies spread, how they catch on, and we become dependent on them. Here are a few quick videos on each.

First is Information and Innovation Diffusion Theory.

 Second is Social Marketing Theory.

Finally, and most relevant, is Media Systems Dependency Theory,

If you take all these into account, it's no wonder we are in a phatic state where we toss every thought onto our social networks for all to see. I see it as mostly fear driven. If we don't keep up, we can be left behind socially. Also, we now have more control over our "brand" online, so a lack of content, no matter what that may be, can seem like either we don't exist or we have nothing interesting going on.

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  1. Wade, you make great points with your posts. All I could think of when watching the last video is #firstworldproblems I agree that would be hard for digital natives to unplug as they know no different but I think as adults we've discussed how it's kind of nice! I wonder if they did the same experiment with these students/digital natives 20 years from now if they'd like the two days of peace?