Monday, April 22, 2013

Mass to Networked Podcasts

Welcome to the first ever "Mass to Networked Podcast Series." Below are three podcasts crafted with the ideas of the Mass to Networked course in mind.

In this episode, I am joined in studio by Matt McKay and Chi Riley, both of 106.3 KFRX in Lincoln. We discuss what radio is good for, where its going and why it is unique from other media. Also, we tackle the method of getting music on top-40 stations and what makes something a pop song.

In our second offering, I am joined on the phone by Scott Kleinberg, social media editor at the Chicago Tribune to chat about how social media and blogs have changed the way he works as a reporter and how to measure what is going on online. Then, Pulitzer Prize winner and University of Nebraska-Lincoln journalism professor Matt Waite visits the studio to break down how we are always logged in in our daily lives. In our final show, we listen in on an interview with renowned communications law professor Susan Crawford and we have The Roosevelt Institute's John Randall on the phone from New York City to analyze the current state of Internet in America and whether it should be handed over to the public sphere. After that, local urban planner Steve Miller of MindMixer drops by to give insights about what widespread online availability can do for local projects and ideas.

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  1. Awesome idea! Just listened to most of the third podcast at the gym. Quality work, insightful, great interviews!